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About the NSX Managers Page

To access this page, click Security Director > Devices > NSX Managers.

Use the NSX Managers page to discover the NSX Manager and perform service registration of the vSRX VM with the NSX Manager. The NSX Manager is added as a device in the Security Director and its inventory is synchronized with Security Director.

Before you Begin

  1. Install the Policy Enforcer Release 17.1 OVA image.
    1. After the installation is complete, log in to the Policy Enforcer VM through SSH. Run the service commands to verify the status of the following services:
      	service nsxmicro status
      	service  sd_event_listener status
      	service nsx_callback_listener status
      	service  ssh_listener status
    2. If services are stopped, initiate the services again by running the following commands:
      	service nsxmicro start
      	service  sd_event_listener start
      	service nsx_callback_listener start
      	service  ssh_listener start
  2. Select Security Director > Administration > Policy Enforcer > Settings, and add Policy Enforcer to Security Director. For more information, see Identifying the Policy Enforcer Virtual Machine In Security Director.
  3. Download the SSH Key. Copy the vSRX OVA file to the Policy Enforcer VM along with the downloaded SSH key. See Downloading the SSH Key File.
  4. Obtain the vSRX license key before adding the NSX Manager to the Security Director.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 131 provides guidelines on using the fields on the NSX Managers page.

Table 131: Fields on the NSX Managers Page



Hostname/IP Address

Specifies the hostname or the IPv4 address of the NSX Manager.


Specifies the name of the NSX Manager.

Associated vCenter

Specifies the hostname or the IP address of the vCenter associated with the NSX Manager that is automatically fetched by Security Director.

Associated vCenter Status

Specifies the connection status of an associated vCenter.

Service Manager Registration Status

Specifies the registration status of the security services.


Specifies the service definition of a selected NSX Manager.

Click View to view the service definition.


Specifies the port number of the NSX Manager.


Specifies the username of the NSX Manager. The user must have the administrator privileges to access the NSX Manager.

Connection Status

Specifies the connection status of the NSX Manager.

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