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Secure Fabric Overview

Secure Fabric is a collection of sites which contain network devices (switches, routers, firewalls, and other security devices), used in policy enforcement groups. When threat prevention policies are applied to policy enforcement groups, the system automatically discovers to which sites those groups belong. This is how threat prevention is aggregated across your secure fabric.

Table 128 shows fields on the Secure Fabric page.

Table 314: Fields on the Secure Fabric Page




Specifies the name of the secure fabric site.

Enforcement Points

Specifies the enforcement points for that particular site, if enforcement points are already added. If not added, click Add Enforcement Points to add Firewalls, Switches, or Connectors as enforcement points.


Specifies the type of the enforcement point. For example, vSRX, QFX.


Specifies the IP address of the enforcement point, if the enforecement point is available.

SKYATP Enroll Status

Specifies the status of the SkyATP enrollment.

If the status is Failed, click Retry to enroll the device with Sky ATP again. You can hover over the Failed status to see the corresponding job details. The device enroll retry option is available only when the status is Failed.

Last Updated

Specifies the date on which the Secure Fabric page was last updated.


Specifies the description that you had entered at the time of creating a secure fabric site.

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