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Example: Creating a Firewall Rule in VMWare vCenter Server Using SDSN_BLOCK Tag


The following example shows the firewall rule creation using the SDSN_BLOCK security tag:

  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client through the VMware vCenter Server.
  2. Select Networking & Security and then click Service Composer.

    The Service Composer page appears.

  3. Select Security Policies tab in the Service Composer page.

    Create a security policy to block the traffic coming from the infected hosts.

  4. Select the Create Security Policy icon.

    The New Security Policy page appears.

  5. Enter a name and description for the security policy, and click Next.
  6. Select the Firewall Rules option from the left pane.

    The Firewall Rules page appears.

  7. Select the New Firewall Rule icon (+) to create a new firewall rule.

    The New Firewall Rule page appears.

  8. Enter the name of the firewall rule.
  9. In the Action field, select the Block option.
  10. In the Source field, click Change and select the security group.
  11. In the Destination field, click Change and select the security group to add as Any.

    Click Ok. Figure 61 shows a sample firewall rule configuration.

    Figure 61: New Firewall Rule Page

    New Firewall Rule
  12. Click Finish.

    A new policy is created. You can apply this policy to the security group.

  13. In the Security Policies page, right-click on the policy name and select Apply Policy.

    The Apply Policy to Security Groups page appears, as shown in Figure 62.

    Figure 62: Apply Policy to SG Page

    Apply Policy to SG
  14. Select the security group that you have created and assign to a policy.

    Security administrator is now able to block the traffic coming from the infected hosts.

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