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    Importing Event Profiles into Junos Space Service Now in XML Format

    Junos Space Service Now provides the Import Event Profiles option on the Actions menu of event profiles to import event profiles in the XML format into Service Now. You can import only one XML file at a time. Multiple event profiles can be imported at the same time by including them in the same XML file. Each event profile that is imported is listed on the Event Profiles page.

    The following is a sample of the XML file containing event profiles for import into Service Now:

    	      <description>Base Profile for Bundle 4.1R1.1</description>
    	      <scriptBundleVersion>6.0R1.0</ scriptBundleVersion >
    	      <creationTime>[In seconds]</creationTime>
                <eventTypeGroup>Resource Exhaustion<eventTypeGroup>
                <eventType>Memory Consumption</eventType>
              <eventDescription>The accounting statistics process could not allocate memory from the heap.</eventDescription>
             <activateDescription>Capture ACCT_MALLOC_FAILURE Events</activateDescription>

    To Import event profiles into Service Now in the XML format:

    1. On the Service Now navigation tree, select Administration > Event Profiles > Import Event Profiles.

      The Import Event Profiles page appears as shown in Figure 1.

      Figure 1: View Event Profiles Page

      View Event Profiles Page
    2. Click Browse to browse for the event profile file and click Upload.

      The event profile is uploaded to Service Now and listed on the Event Profiles page.

    Modified: 2017-05-28