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    Monitoring Device Snapshots

    A device with AI-Scripts installed sends iJMBs or device snapshots to Junos Space once in seven days. The iJMBs contain the device identity, device configuration, device status, and trend information about the device. You can share the iJMBs with Juniper Support System (JSS) to assist with troubleshooting issues on the device. JSS uses the iJMBs to deliver information to customers about known issues to which the customer’s devices may be susceptible and the End-of-Life (EOL) or End-of-Service (EOS) status of the customer’s devices. The iJMBs also help in examining how changes to the configuration or hardware are related to the events on the device.

    Service Now deletes an iJMB after the number of days configured in the Device Snapshot Purge Time (in days) attribute is lapsed.

    To monitor device snapshots:

    1. Log in to the Junos Space GUI.
    2. Select Service Now from the drop-down list above the navigation tree.

      The Service Now navigation tree is displayed.

    3. From the navigation tree, select Service Central > Information > Device Snapshots.

      The Device Snapshots page appears. The Device Snapshots page displays the iJMBs received from all managed devices.

      If you do not find iJMBs for a particular device, see Troubleshooting Issues with Collecting JMBs.

    Modified: 2015-11-02