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Deploying a Layer 3 VPN Service Order


You must deploy a service for it to run on devices in the network.

To deploy the service, make selections from the Deployment Options page.

  1. Perform one of these actions:
    • To save the request without deploying the service, select Save only and then click OK.

      See Deploying a Service Order for information about how to deploy a saved service at a later time.

    • To deploy the service immediately, select Deploy now and then click OK.

    • To deploy the service later, select Schedule deployment, select a date and time, and then click OK.

      The time field specifies the time kept by the server, but in the time zone of the client.

    • To validate the service, click Validate.

    The Job ID dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Job ID link to monitor the status of the service deployment.

    The Deployment Service job appears on the Platform > Jobs > Job Management inventory page.

  3. You can also view the Platform > Audit Logs > Audit Log inventory page to view the Deploy Service Order username, user IP address, task, timestamp, description, and job ID.