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Cloning Deployed Point-to-Point Services


You can use a deployed Eline-LDP service as a template to create multiple point-to-point services. Cloning can be used to create a maximum of fifteen copies of an existing service

Prerequisites for Cloning a Deployed Service

  • At least one deployed point-to-point service with two endpoints defined.

To begin the cloning service order, in the Network Activate task pane, select Service Provisioning > Manage Services. The service inventory page appears.

  1. Locate the entry for a service that has two endpoints defined.
  2. Right-click on the service to see the list of available actions, and select Clone Service. The Clone Service page appears in which you manage the copied instances of the service.

    The Clone Service page enables you to specify the number of copies to create from the source deployed service. In this case, we are creating 3 copies of the source service.

    Each row in the clone table represents one point-to-point service with two endpoints. The top row is the deployed service you used to create the copies. The parameters displayed in the attributes table differ based on the definition of the source deployed service. For example, if the original service was an ATM interface definition, the parameters will include VCI and VPI as column headers.

    You can edit many of the attribute values of the cloned services as necessary by clicking on the cells in the table. One of the attributes you must change is the Interface for each new service. You may edit the other fields as necessary. For example, the Order name is auto-generated from the original service name. If you want to change it, just click on the cell and enter a new name. The editable attributes are

    • Name

    • VCID

    • Device

    • Interface

    • Bandwidth

    • VLAN ID

    All other attributes, such as MTU, are copied from the original service and will not appear in the attributes table.

    You may also select one of the copies and create clones from that so that the copies have the same attributes as the clone that you selected.

    Once you have finished editing the service values, click Create to deploy the cloned services. You will be given the standard deployment options.