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    BIOS Validation Overview

    Using Junos Space Service Now, you can analyze the BIOS image installed on a device running Junos OS and verify the integrity of the BIOS image. When you enable and configure BIOS validation on a device, AI-Scripts installed on the device collect the BIOS image data from the device. In response to the BIOS image data collected, BIOS validation incidents are created in Service Now and the collected BIOS data is submitted to Juniper Support System (JSS) to create a BIOS Health Check case. In response to the BIOS Health Check case, JSS validates the BIOS image data from the device and sends the validation result to Service Now.

    A Service Now partner can accept or reject data for BIOS validation sent by a Service Now end customer. If a Service Now partner chooses to accept the data for BIOS validation from a Service Now end customer, the Service Now end customer submits the BIOS data to the Service Now partner which in turn submits the BIOS data to JSS for validation. If the Service Now partner chooses not to accept BIOS validation data from a Service Now end customer, the option to configure BIOS data validation is disabled on the Service Now end customer. For information about disabling BIOS validation on a Service Now end customer, see Adding an End Customer to Service Now Configured in Partner Proxy Mode.

    Before you configure BIOS validation, you must accept the BIOS legal notice. The BIOS legal notice is presented to you when you configure BIOS validation for the first time on a Service Now device on a fresh Service Now installation. The BIOS legal notice is also presented when you remove all devices from Service Now and configure BIOS validation after adding the device back to Service Now.

    Figure 1 and Figure 2 show the legal notice displayed on Service Now operating in Partner Proxy and End Customer modes.

    Modified: 2017-05-28