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Viewing Script Version Support for Cross Provisioning Platform


The script version support in Cross Provisioning Platform enables you to view the older versions of the script and set the preferred version to active while creating the service order.

To view script version support for Cross Provisioning Platform:

  1. From the Cross Provisioning Platform task pane, select CPP > Scripts.

    The page that appears displays a list of the existing scripts.

  2. Double-click any script from the list of the existing scripts.

    The Script Details page that appears provides information on the script that you selected. You can also click the View Script icon above the tool grid to view the Script Details page.

  3. From the Version# drop-down list, select the preferred version.

  4. Click Set as default to set the selected version as default.

    A confirmation dialog box that appears asks you to confirm the selection.

  5. Click OK.

    A dialog box that appears confirms the selection of the new version of the script.


    If a service definition has already been created with a particular version, the script contents of the service order will point to the same version.

On the Script Details page, you can see a list of script versions on the drop-down list, from which you can select a version to view its contents and set it as the active version. Internally, a new version is created, pointing to the selected older version and the same version contents are effective while creating the Cross Provisioning Platform service order.

For example, if you change the version number from 3 to 2 and set it as the active version, a new version number 4 is created internally, pointing to the contents of version 2 and making this the active version.

After you set the script version, you are redirected to the landing page of Scripts.