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    Modifying an Incident Filter

    Service Now provides Modify action to modify an Incident filter. You can modify the following parameters of the incident filter:

    • Name of the filter
    • Filter action
    • Filter terms

    To modify an incident filter:

    1. In the Service Now navigation tree, click Administration > Incident Filters.

      The Incident Filters page appears.

    2. Select the filter that you want to modify and select Modify from the Actions or right-click menu.

      The Modify Basic Filter or Modify Advanced Filter page appears depending on the filter you chose to modify.

      Figure 1 shows the Modify Basic Filter page for modifying basic incident filters.

      Figure 1: Modify Basic Filter for Modifying a Basic Incident Filter

      Modify Basic
Filter for Modifying a Basic Incident Filter
    3. Modify the filter parameters—name, action, and filter terms.

      For an advanced filter, you can upload a new Perl script defining new terms to modify the filter term.

    4. Click Submit to submit the changes.

      A message indicating successful modification of the incident filter is displayed.

    Modified: 2017-06-06