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    Types of JMBs

    A Juniper Message Bundle (JMB) generated on a device running Junos OS can be of the following types:

    • Event JMB or eJMB—JMB generated in response to events such as memory allocation error, read/write errors, or configuration commit failures that occur on devices

      An eJMB contains the Manifest, Attachments, and Logs sections.

    • Intelligence JMB or iJMB—JMB generated periodically to provide trend and health data of a device

      An iJMB contains the Manifest, Trend Data, and Attachments sections.

    • RMA JMB—JMB generated when a device component (for example, a fan) fails

      When a component fails, the relevant script in the AI-Scripts bundle is triggered to collect the required data for compiling the Return Materials Authorization (RMA) JMB and reporting the event.

      An RMA JMB contains the Manifest, Trend Data, and Attachments sections.

    • BIOS JMB—JMB generated at predefined intervals to validate the BIOS installed on the device. You cannot view a BIOS JMB.
    • On-demand JMB—JMB generated when a user requests that a JMB be generated on the device.

      On-demand JMBs can be of the following types:

      • On-demand eJMB
      • On-demand iJMB
      • On-demand RMA JMB

      The on-demand JMB is generated by the /var/db/scripts/on-demand.slax script installed from the AI-Scripts bundle.

    • Off-box JMB—JMB generated on request from a user by using the directive.rc file in Service Now. The directive.rc file contains commands to generate the JMBs.

      Off-box JMBs are usually generated when AI-Scripts are not installed on a device. An off-box JMB can be of the following types:

      • Off-box eJMB
      • Off-box iJMB
      • Off-box RMA JMB

    Modified: 2017-06-08