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Resolved Issues

This section lists the issues fixed in Junos Space Service Now and Service Insight Release 17.1R1:

Note: For the most complete and latest information about resolved defects in Junos Space Service Now and Junos Space Service Insight, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

  • When AI-Scripts is installed on a number of devices by using Service Now and the job is cancelled when in progress, the job status should display the devices on which AI-Scripts was installed successfully instead of showing AI-Scripts not installed on any device. [PR 1207367]
  • When exporting device inventory, the Export Inventory Information dialog box should include a note stating that the contract information is included in the exported inventory report only if the device has contract information. [PR 1210875]
  • Core files should not be collected for on-demand Request Material Authorization (RMA) incidents. [PR 1230917]
  • For an organization with more than one site ID, when an on-demand incident is created for a device associated with the non-primary site ID, the primary site ID is displayed in the Case Details tab of the Incident Detail page for the on-demand incident. [PR 1242531]
  • End customer devices should not be visible to a Service Now partner while configuring product health data collection. [PR 1244301]
  • The Get Case Details API is not including the details of attachments manually uploaded by users in its response. [PR 1249787]
  • While adding more than one device to Service Now, Service Now displays the Device with same hostname/serial number is already present in Service Now message and does not add devices when, at least, one of the selected device already exists in Service Now. [PR 1255056]
  • A user should have the option to chose whether to replace or not the existing directive file automatically with a newer version available in JSS. [PR 1259710]
  • The option to upload attachments to a case should be disabled on the Service Now GUI after the case is closed. [PR 1262743]
  • The Uploaded Attachment Details tab of the Incident Detail page displays Upload Failure remark even after attachments (both user-uploaded attachments and attachments created by executing additional commands) for an incident are uploaded successfully to JSS. [PR 1266168]
  • The Do not Send JMB filter for an organization should be renamed to Do not Send Device Snapshots as this filter is applicable only for device snapshots. [PR 1275945]
  • After upgrading from Release 16.1R1 to 16.2R2, No Device Snapshot ever received alert is seen in the Service Now partner for end customer devices. Also, the Service Now partner receives e-mails informing that device snapshots are not received for end customer devices.

    However, the mails to the Service Now partner and the alerts stop once the Service Now partner receives the device snapshots from the end customer devices. [PR 1278177]

  • A REST API to allow modification of auto submit policies is required. [PR 1279587]

Modified: 2018-03-20