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Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved in Junos Space Network Management Platform Release 17.1R1. The identifier following the description is the tracking number in the Juniper Networks Problem Report (PR) tracking system.

  • Junos Space Platform fails to flag an error when you move a cluster device to a domain other than the one the cluster belongs to or when you apply a firewall filter that is different from the one applied to the cluster to a cluster device. [PR1003361]
  • Junos Space Platform shows anincorrect description for an SFP if multiple device schemas contain the same part number for an SFP. [PR1132581]
  • Junos Space Platform fails to purge the audit logs for the domain SYSTEM even if you select the Purge audit logs from all accessible domains option. [PR1158507]
  • Synchronization between Junos Space database nodes takes a long time because Junos Space Platform checks md5sum every time the database synchronization runs. [PR1183245 ]
  • Junos Space Platform adds unmanaged devices without verifying the presence of such devices. [PR1202208]
  • After you upgrade Junos Space Platform from Release 15.2R2, you cannot modify the settings on the Modify Application Settings page. [PR1229459]
  • If you try to deploy an image on an EX Series device with the Remove the package after successful installation check box selected (in the Common Deployment Options section of the Deploy Image on Devices page), the job fails. [PR1232485]
  • When there are connection issues with the database nodes, OpenNMS stops sending SNMP traps to the remote server. [PR1235571]
  • The error message that Junos Space Platform returns if the HTTP request times out while a DMI schema is being downloaded does not contain any information about the error. [PR1244493]
  • On Junos Space clusters that have the eth1 interface enabled, database backup files fail to synchronize across nodes. [PR1245322]
  • RADIUS authentication-based login attempts to Junos Space Platform from the Security Director interface fail. [PR1246406]
  • JunoS Space Platform does not support key-based authentication for exporting configuration backup files to remote server. [PR1248262]
  • The Modify Application Settings option in the Junos Space Platform UI is disabled after a database restore. [PR1253165]
  • When a user with permissions for the Global domain or multiple domains runs a REST API query for a device, Junos Space Platform returns either a HTTP 200 status message with no content or a 204 status even when the device is present in one of the subdomains that the user has permissions for. However, if the user has permission only for the domain or subdomian that the device is part of, the request returns the device information as expected. [PR1254032]
  • The Rest API /api/space/configuration-management/job-instances/id/apply-cli-configlet-job-results triggers a parser error because it does not have a valid xsd file associated with it. [PR1254050]
  • Junos Space database nodes fail to synchronize after you restore the database from a backup file. [PR1255448]
  • Not able to view more than 100 static routes on the Security Director UI because the UI does not support navigation across pages. [PR1256633]
  • Junos OS deployment on EX2200 fails as the request-package-add RPC returns NULL because of RPC timeout. [PR1259747]
  • Junos Space SNMPv3 does not support special characters such as ""&()\| in passwords. [PR1261280]
  • On the Network Monitoring page of the Junos Space Platform UI, the Availability and Outage fields become unresponsive while checking for the availability and outage information. This problem occurs because the RTCD service is disabled. [PR1261015]
  • Configlet deployment fails despite scussesful validation of the configlet. [PR1263282]
  • User sessions fail to time out after a node reboot. [PR1264421]
  • Junos Space Platform does not list the image uploaded for SRX1500 in the Stage Image or Deploy Image UI for the supported device. [PR1265994]
  • Policy import for a device fails as the size of the auditlog generated for a firewall import exceeds the maximum size of the Detail column in the AuditLogDetail table. [PR1268525]
  • Junos Space Platform returns an invalid XML file when an API call tries to retrieve the status of a failed script execution. [PR1269854]
  • Junos Space Platform fails to clear certificates from the database when a user creation is canceled or aborted. This causes errors when you create new user accounts. [PR1269875]
  • The 'User disable mail notification" keeps popping up frequently after the user made changes to the Disable inactive users after timeout value. [PR1269988]
  • Unable to stage or deploy minor version images to MX Series routers. [PR1271111]
  • When you execute the Promote Script action on devices, you cannot set a Selection Value because the Selection Value list is not visible. [PR1274454]
  • Network monitoring pages fail to launch after the database was restored on an eth1-enabled server. [PR1274934]
  • Topology diagram developed from OSPF-based discovery does not show all connected nodes. [PR1277897]

Modified: 2017-07-17