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Management Scalability

The supported management scalability is:

  • The VM setup must have 32 GB of RAM and must stop running OpenNMS (in a single or a two-node fabric). Security Director supports 15K firewall rules per policy. In concurrent cases, a maximum of 40K firewall rules per policy can be processed at a time with different publish, preview, and update jobs (in a two-node VM or a JA2500 fabric setup).
  • By default, the monitor polling is set to 15 minutes and resource usage polling is set to 10 minutes. This polling time changes to 30 minutes for a large-scale data center setup such as one for 200 high-end SRX Series devices managed in Security Director.

    Note: You can manually configure the monitor polling on the Administration > Monitor Settings page.

  • Security Director supports a maximum of 10K SRX Series devices in a six-node Junos Space fabric (four JBoss servers and two database nodes). In a 10K SRX Series setup, all settings for monitoring polling must be set to 60 minutes. If monitoring is not required, disable it to improve your publish or update job performance.
  • To improve the performance further, increase the Update sub-jobs thread number in the database. To increase the Update sub-jobs thread in the database, run the following command:
    #mysql -pnetscreen
    mysql> update RuntimePreferencesEntity SET value=20 where name='UPDATE_MAX_SUBJOBS_PER_NODE';
    mysql> exit
  • Security Director supports 100K firewall rules concurrently with delta publish and update.

    The following system configuration is required for delta publish and update support:

    • Two-node Junos Space fabric VM. The VM must have an SSD hard disk with 32 GB of RAM.
    • The OpenNMS must be stopped in the setup. You must restart the JBoss application after stopping OpenNMS.

    Note: If you use the database dedicated setup (SSD hard disk VMs) for this deployment, the performance of publish and update is better compared with the normal two-node Junos Space fabric setup.

Modified: 2017-07-18