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Exploring Cross Provisioning Platform


After your devices are functional and synchronized with the Junos Space Platform database, several functions in CPP are automatically enabled. However, there are a few additional tasks that you need to perform to use all the features of CPP. We recommend that you do the following:

  • Set up users.

    After you install CPP, only one username is defined: super with the default password, juniper123.

    You have the ability to set up users with different CPP privileges. New CPP users are set up in Junos Space and are assigned the roles and privileges defined in Junos Space. For more information about setting up users, see Creating a User-Specific Role to Prevent or Allow Certain Actions on a Service.

  • Learn what you can do with CPP

    There are two ways you can become familiar with the functions and features of CPP:

    • Read Junos Space Cross Provisioning Platform Release Notes. These release notes highlight the primary features of CPP.

    • Use the extensive help system that guides you through CPP. Clicking the main Help icon provides a top-down view into the help system; clicking a Help icon on a pane or window provides context-sensitive information. Use the help system to become familiar with CPP and the different modes and panes of the interface.