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Upgrading Your Policy Enforcer Software

To upgrade to the latest release of Policy Enforcer, download and run the rpm file available from Juniper Network’s software download page. You must have a version of Policy Enforcer already installed to run the upgrade script. If you do not, download the latest software version from the Policy Enforcer software download page and follow the Policy Enforcer Installation Overview instructions.

Note: You can upgrade only from the previous release. For example, you can upgrade from 16.1R1 to 16.1R2 or from 16.1R2 to 17.1. You cannot skip a release. For example, upgrading from 16.1R1 to 17.1R1 is not supported.


To upgrade your Policy Enforcer software to the latest release:

  1. Access the Policy Enforcer software download page

  2. Select the Software tab.
  3. From the Version drop-down menu, select the version you want to install.
  4. From under the Application Package heading, download the Policy Enforcer RPM to your Policy Enforcer virtual appliance.
  5. On your Policy Enforcer virtual appliance, change directory to where you downloaded the RPM bundle and install it using the following command:

    [root@hostname~]# rpm -Uvh filename.rpm

    For example:
    [root@hostname~]# rpm -Uvh Policy_Enforcer-17.1R1-24-PE-upgrade.rpm

It may take a few minutes to install the RPM bundle. Once installed, the Policy Enforcer screens within Security Director and any schema changes are updated. The configuration settings you used when you deployed the Policy Enforcer VM are retained.

To verify your upgrade:

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