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Configuring Cloud Feeds Only

This in an outline of the configuration tasks you must complete to configure Cloud feeds only threat prevention.

Note: Since devices are not enrolled to Sky ATP in Cloud feed only mode, there is no information to display under Monitor > Threat Prevention, and therefore those screens are unavailable.

Before You Begin


To configure Security Director for Cloud feed only threat prevention, do the following:

Note: Cloud feed only configuration is similar to Sky ATP (without SDSN) configuration. The only differences being that devices do not have to be enrolled to Sky ATP and the only threat prevention types available are command and control server and Geo IP.

  1. Create one or more Sky ATP realms and add devices to the realm. (Note that devices do not have to be enrolled to Sky ATP for Cloud Feed only mode.)

    In the UI, navigate to Configure>Threat Prevention>Sky ATP Realms. Click the + icon to add a new Sky ATP realm.

    See Creating Sky ATP Realms and Enrolling Devices or Associating Sites for details.

  2. Create sites and add devices to those sites.

    In the UI, navigate to Devices >Secure Fabric. Click the + icon to create a new site.

    See Creating Secure Fabric and Sites for details.

  3. Create a policy enforcement group.

    In the UI, navigate to Configure>Shared Objects>Policy Enforcement Groups. Click the + icon to create a new policy enforcement group.

    See Creating Policy Enforcement Groups for details.

  4. Create a threat prevention policy for Command and Control server, Geo IP, or Infected hosts.

    In the UI, navigate to Configure>Threat Prevention >Policy. Click the + icon to create a new threat prevention policy.

    See Creating Threat Prevention Policies for details.

  5. Configure Geo IP settings for inclusion in a firewall policy. See Creating Geo IP Policies.

    You must select your Geo IP policy as the source and/or destination of a firewall rule before it can take effect. Navigate to Configure > Firewall Policy > Policies.


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