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    Exporting BIOS Validation Results

    You can export the results of BIOS validations of managed devices to an Excel file for reference. Table 1 lists the BIOS validation information exported to an Excel file.

    Table 1: BIOS Validation Field Descriptions

    Field Name



    Organization to which the device for which BIOS validation was performed belongs

    Device Group

    Device group to which the device for which BIOS validation was performed belongs

    Connected Member

    End customer to which the device belongs; this field is applicable only for a Service Now partner.


    Hostname of the device from which BIOS data was collected

    IP address

    IP address of the device from which BIOS data was collected


    Routing Engine of the device for which BIOS validation was performed

    BIOS Result

    Status of BIOS validation:

    • Pending Submission—Service Now has received data for BIOS validation from the device; the data is yet to be submitted to Juniper Support System (JSS).
    • Submitted—Service Now has submitted the BIOS data to JSS for validation.
    • Submission Failed—Service Now is unable to submit the BIOS validation data of the device to JSS.
    • Validation Success—Validation of BIOS data by JSS was successful.
    • Out for Extended Review—The BIOS validation encountered issues and the BIOS data is sent to the device team for further review.

    Time Received

    Time when the last update of BIOS validation was received from JSS

    Junos Version

    Version of Junos OS running on the Routing Engine of the device

    AI-Scripts Version

    Version of AI-Scripts installed on the device

    To export BIOS validation results:

    1. From the Service Now navigation tree, select Service Central > Device Analysis > BIOS Validations.

      The BIOS Validations page appears.

    2. Select one or more BIOS validation results to be exported.
    3. From the Actions menu, select Export to Excel. Alternatively, right-click the device and select Export to Excel .

      The Export BIOS Validations to Excel dialog box appears.

    4. Click the Export the selected BIOS Validations to Excel link.

      The dialog box of the browser to open or save the Excel file appears.

    5. Click Open with to open the file or click Save File to save the file.

    Modified: 2016-08-11