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    Notifications Overview

    In Service Insight, you can create notifications to alert users when a specific event occurs. You can also specify the actions that Service Insight must take when an event is triggered.

    Specify the following parameters when you create a notification:

    • Trigger—Specify the event that causes Service Insight to send the notification. The types of triggers are:

      • New EOL Match—an e-mail notification is sent when an EOL announcement is received and one or more devices are affected by the announcement.
      • New PBN Arrival—an e-mail notification is sent when a new PBN is received and matches one or more devices.
      • New PBN Match—an e-mail notification is sent when a PBN affects one or more devices.
    • Filters—Specify additional details about the event that cause Service Insight to send a notification.
    • Actions—Specify the action (or actions) that must be taken after a specified event is triggered. These events can be filtered by public tags (applied on devices listed on the Exposure Analyzer page), device name, and serial number.

    The Notifications page enables you to manage these notifications. This page displays the notifications chronologically by name, owner, status, and trigger. Table 1 provides more information about the fields on the Manage Notifications page.

    Table 1: Manage Notifications Page Fields Description

    Field Name




    Name of the notification.The notification name must be unique

    64 characters


    User name of the user who owns the notification.

    Not applicable


    Functional status of the notification.

    Enabled or Disabled

    Trigger Type

    Type of the trigger for which the notification is applied.

    • New EOL Match
    • New PBN Arrival
    • New PBN Match

    On the Service Insight Notifications page, you can perform the following tasks:


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    Modified: 2016-08-11