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    Troubleshooting Issues with Adding an Organization to Junos Space Service Now


    Description: An organization cannot be configured in Junos Space Service Now.


    An organization in Service Now represents a unique site ID in Juniper Support System (JSS). Site IDs are used by JSS to identify customers when providing technical support. You can have multiple organizations defined in Service Now to manage multiple sites.

    To communicate with JSS or a Service Now partner (when Service Now is operating in End-Customer mode), a Service Now organization requires a site ID, login name, and password. The login name must be a contact associated with the site ID. When an organization is added to Service Now, Junos Space must communicate with JSS to validate information about the organization. If Service Now cannot validate the organization information, the organization is created, but an error is reported in the GUI.

    Each organization has a site ID, username, and password. You obtain the site ID, username, and password from Juniper Networks. If the site ID, username, and password are provided correctly, Service Now creates the organization and connects the organization with JSS or the Service Now partner. If the site ID, username, or password entered is incorrect, an error message such as Connection Failed: Username or Password incorrect is displayed indicating that the site ID, username, or password is incorrect. Retry adding the organization by entering the correct site ID, username, or password. If you are still unable to configure an organization, contact Juniper Customer Care at .

    If you receive a Connection Failed: Internal Error message:

    1. Log in to the Junos Space Appliance.

      The Junos Space Settings Menu appears.

    2. At the menu prompt, enter 6 if the Junos Space Appliance is a hardware (JA2500 appliance) or 7 if the Junos Space Appliance is a virtual appliance used to access shell.
    3. Retype the Junos Space password.
    4. Ping JSS (


      If Junos Space is using a proxy server to connect to, ensure that the proxy server can reach

      • If you are able to ping and see the IP address of, but do not receive any responses to the ping, it is possible that ping is blocked in your network. Contact your network administrator for releasing ping on your network.
      • If you are unable to ping and receive unknown host message, ensure that DNS is configured on Junos Space and that Junos Space is able to reach the configured DNS. For information about configuring or modifying the DNS on Junos Space, see Changing Network and System Settings for a Junos Space Appliance or Changing the Network and System Settings of a Junos Space Virtual Appliance at Junos Space Network Management Platform Documentation Index.
      • If you are unable to ping, try connecting to port 443 of by using the following command:
        telnet 443
        • If you are able to connect to using the telnet command, your Junos Space node is able to communicate with To break the connection established using the telnet command, press Ctrl followed by ] on your keyboard.
        • If you are still unable to connect to, it is possible that access to is blocked on your network. Contact your network administrator to resolve the issue.

      If you are unable to add an organization, there might be issues with your Juniper Networks account. Contact Juniper Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) at for support.

    Modified: 2016-11-21