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    PBN Report Management REST API Overview

    Service Insight provides Proactive Bug Notifications (PBNs) as a proactive measure to alert you about known issues that can impact the devices in your network. It is an effective means of communicating the information collected while helping one customer fix issues to another customer who could face similar issues in future. Using this information, which was collected when issues were reported to Juniper Networks, Service Insight identifies devices on your network with similar conditions. PBNs associated with devices on your network are matched and displayed on the Manage PBNs page. These PBNs keep you aware of the possible impacts and also of ways to fix the issue. PBNs also consist of workarounds that suggest temporary fixes and instructions that you can follow to protect your network.

    The pbnreport-management resource is available under https://[host]/api/juniper/serviceinsight for generating PBN reports.


    https://[host]/api/juniper/serviceinsight/pbnreport-management (HTTP method = GET)


    • application/;version=1
    • application/;version=1

    Sample Output

    Sample XML Output

           <collection href="/api/juniper/serviceinsight/pbnreport/pbnreports" rel="pbnreports"/>

    Sample JSON Output


    The PBN report management service provides the following APIs:

    Modified: 2016-08-10