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Known Issues

This section lists the known issues in Junos Space Security Director Release 16.2R1.

For the most complete and latest information about known defects Junos Space Security Director defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

  • The Modify Configuration overlay does not fetch configurations such as hostname, domain, and time zone when specified under Groups. PR1240434
  • Custom column is not visible in the firewall policy rule grid after the upgrade.


    1. Open the Junos Space Network Management Platform command line and run the redis-cli command.

      The command line prompt to execute Redis commands is now available.

    2. Run the get <userid> command, where <userid> is the name of the user who is not able to see the custom column.

      This command retrieves the following response which includes all the preferences for the specified user.

      "{\"\":{\"fw-policy-management\":{\"firewall-rule-grid\":{\"elements\":{\"columns\": [{\"index\":\"id\",\"name\":\"id\",\"hidden\":true,\"width\":50}, {\"index\":\"disabled\",\"name\":\"disabled\"...

    3. Copy this string to a text editor and modify the information available after \"firewall-rule-grid\":{\"elements\":{\"columns\":.... Delete the following firewall policies rule grid information:

      \"fw-policy-management\": {\"firewall-policies-grid\":{\"elements\":{\"columns\": [{\"index\":\"id\",\"name\":\"id\",\"hidden\":true,\"width\":50}, {\"index\":\"icons\",\"name\":\"icons\",\"label\":\"\",\"width\": 30,\"fixed\":true,\"resizable\":false,\"sortable\":false}, {\"index\":\"sequenceNumber\",\"name\":\"sequence-number\",\"classes\":\"rule-grid-group-object\"...

    4. At the Redis command prompt, execute the set <username> <modified_string> command, where <username> is the name of the user and <modified_string> is the firewall rule grid information, as shown in Step 2.

      For example:

      set super "{\"\":{\"fw-policy-management\":{\"firewall-rule-grid:{}}}}".

    5. Type quit to exit the Redis command prompt. PR1256789
  • In the NSM Release 2012.2.R12 XDIFF files, the source NAT, destination NAT, mapped ports, and protocols are not imported into Security Director.

    Workaround: You must manually configure these values after importing the XDIFF file. PR1261791

  • Filter bar in JSA is case sensitive. PR1261805
  • Mismatched results are shown when a filter is loaded.

    Workaround: Click the left pane for the filter effect to take place. PR1262071

  • Predefined report definitions cannot be deleted, scheduled, or updated with e-mail address though the UI menu icons are enabled.

    Workaround: Predefined reports can be cloned and later scheduled and updated with the e-mail address. PR1257172

  • Enrolling devices to Sky ATP through Policy Enforcer takes an average of four minutes to complete. [PR 1222713]
  • The first time you open the Monitoring pages, you will receive an Error occurred while requesting the data message. This also happens the first time you open the Top Compromised Host dashboard widget. As a workaround, click your browser refresh button to refresh the page and display the information. [PR 1239956]
  • The top compromised hosts widget in the dashboard does not list all the realms. As a workaround, drag and drop another top compromised host widget to the dashboard to display all realms. [PR 1262410]

Modified: 2017-03-29