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Using JSA as a Log Collector

You can use Juniper Secure Analytics (JSA) as a log collector to view log data in Security Director. From the JSA console, Security Director queries SRX logs, only. Security Director can use either JSA 3800, JSA 5800, JSA 7500, or virtual JSA for log collection. You must add JSA as a logging node in Security Director to view log data in the Dashboard, Events and Logs, Reports, and Alerts pages.

After JSA is deployed as a VM or hardware appliance, you can configure the network devices to send system logs to JSA. It collects the logs in a standalone or clustered setup. For more details on deploying and configuring JSA, see Juniper Secure Analytics documentation.

Figure 45 shows the deployment example using the JSA All-in-One or JSA Dedicated Console.

Figure 45: Using JSA All-in-One or JSA Dedicated Console

Using JSA All-in-One or JSA
Dedicated Console

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