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Unable to View Logging Infrastructure Information


Description: I am unable to find the problem with my logging infrastructure and want to contact support. What information should I have handy?


You can use the diagnostics tool that scans through all of your Log Collector nodes. The tool gathers log files, configuration settings, and other health status information and then bundles all the information in a zip file. You can run this tool and generate the dump file.

To run the diagnostics tool:

  1. Log in to the Log Storage node (or All-in-One node) using root credentials.
  2. Run the healthcheckOSLC script. The initial screening confirmation window appears.
  3. Enter Yes to gather more information. A high level summary report appears.
  4. Press Enter to generate the detailed report.

You can find the detailed dump file in /opt/system-diagnostics/out/<Date-Time> syslog-capture.pcap.

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