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Overview of Device Discovery in Security Director

You use the device discovery feature to add devices to Junos Space. Device discovery is the process of finding a device and then synchronizing the device inventory and configuration with the Junos Space database. To use device discovery, Junos Space must be connected to the device.

You discover devices in Junos Space Security Director by creating and using a device discovery profile. A device discovery profile contains information about discovery targets, probes used to discover devices, credentials for authentication, and device SSH fingerprints, and is used to discover, authenticate, and connect to the device.

During discovery, Junos Space connects to the physical device and retrieves the running configuration and the status information of the device. To connect with and configure devices, Junos Space uses the Juniper Networks Device Management Interface (DMI), which is an extension of the NETCONF network configuration protocol.

To discover network devices, Junos Space uses SSH, and (optionally) ping, and SNMP protocols.

Note: Security Director discovers both SRX Series devices and MX Series routers.

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