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    Managing IPv4 Addresses for Layer 3 VPNs

    You, the Service Designer, can specify the IPv4 IP addressing to include in Layer 3 VPN service definitions. Use the Prestage Devices > Managing IP Addresses inventory page to view existing IP Address pools that you created globally or for specific existing customers. For more information about creating an IPv4 IP address pool, see Creating an IP Address Pool.

    Viewing IP Address Pools

    The Manage IP Addresses inventory page lists pool information in a table by name, pool type, and IP address pool.

    Viewing Detail IP Address Pool Information

    To view IP address details double-click an IP address pool row.

    Table 1 defines the IP address pool detailed information.

    Table 1: IP Address Pool Details



    Pool Name

    The mnemonic name of the IP Address pool you create using Prestage Devices > Create IP Addresses.

    An IP address Pool Name can be no more than 50 characters.

    Pool Description

    An optional description of the IP address pool name.

    The Pool Description can be no longer than 200 characters.

    Pool Type


    • Global: Pools of IPv4 addresses pertaining to the Service Provider. There can be more than one global IPv4 address pool. However, each global pool must have its own unique name and its set of IPv4 addresses must not overlap with those of any other global pool. Addresses from global pools can be allocated across multiple L3VPNs, across multiple customers.
    • Customer: Pools of IPv4 addresses pertaining to a particular customer. These pools will be associated with the corresponding customer. There can be more than one customer IPv4 pool associated with each customer. However, each customer pool must have its own set of IPv4 addresses which must not overlap with those of any other pool belonging to the same customer. Addresses from customer pools can be allocated across multiple L3VPNs, for a particular customer.

    IP Address Pool

    A block of IPv4 addresses in CIDR notation (for example, which identifies a pool of 256 IPv4 addresses,, and do forth.


    The existing customer name for which you created the IP address pool.

    Performing Actions

    You can perform the following actions on IP address pools.

    Modified: 2017-02-02