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    Viewing Cross Provisioning Platform Service Order Details

    To view the details of a Cross Provisioning Platform service order:

    1. In the Cross Provisioning Platform task pane, select CPP > Services. The CPP > Services window appears, which displays a list of the provisioned Cross Provisioning Platform service orders.
    2. Double-click a listed service order, or select a service order and click on the View Service Details icon. The CPP > Service Details window appears, which displays the details of the service.

      A new field Service Version is added in the View Service Order Details and View Service Details windows. This field indicates the total number of times a service order or a service is modified. Each time you successfully modify a service order or a service, the service version number is incremented by one.

    The Advanced Details For Device pane includes four tabs, which provide details on additional parts of the device configuration:

    • General (See previous illustration.)—The General tab displays the Mtu and Vcid values for the device selected in the left panel.
    • Interface—The Interface tab displays the Mtu, OuterTag and VlanType values for the device selected in the left panel.
    • Firewall—The Firewall tab displays the Ingress-filter value for the device selected in the left panel.
    • Configuration—The Configuration tab displays the configuration code for the device selected in the left panel.

    Modified: 2017-02-15