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    Viewing Service Orders

    The following topic describes how you can view service orders.

    Viewing Service Orders in a Table

    To view and determine the status of service orders in a tabular form:

    1. In the Network Activate task pane, select Service Provisioning > Manage Service Orders.
    2. In the filter bar, click the table view icon.

      A table of service orders on the system appears in the main display area.

      Table 1 describes the fields in the service orders table.

      Table 1: Fields in the Service Orders Table




      Name of the service order assigned during service creation or edit.

      Order State

      Status of the service order:

      • Completed—Service order has been successfully deployed.
      • Deploy failed—Device is down or the Network Activate software was unable to push the service configuration to a device configured for the service.
      • In-progress—Network Activate software is in the process of deploying the service.
      • Requested—Service provisioner has created the service order, but has not yet attempted to deploy it or schedule it for deployment.
      • Scheduled—Service provisioner has scheduled the service order for deployment.
      • Invalid—Service order contains invalid data.


      Name of the enterprise customer who placed an order for the service.

      Service Type

      One of the following:

      • Point-to-Point Ethernet (LDP)
      • VPLS—Either a multipoint-to-multipoint service or a point-to-multipoint service


      Type of signaling:

      • BGP
      • LDP

      Created Date

      Date that the service provisioner created the request.

      Created By

      Screen name of the service provisioner who created the service order.

    3. To view details of a specific service order, double-click the table row that summarizes the service order.

      For a point-to-point service order, a graphical illustration of the service order appears. See Creating a Point-to-Point Service Order for information about interpreting this graphic.

      For a multipoint service order, a table of information about the service order appears. See Creating a Point-to-Multipoint VPLS Service Order for information about interpreting this graphic.

    Modified: 2017-02-15