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    Viewing Details of a Device Snapshot

    When Service Now receives informational JMBs or iJMBs, only selected information from the JMBs appears on the Device Snapshots page. However, you can view the entire contents of the JMB on the View JMB page.

    Service Now displays the JMBs generated by AI-Scripts Release 3.7 and earlier on a single page. For JMBs generated by AI-Scripts Release 4.0 and later, the View JMB page has a right and a left pane. The left pane lists the sections of a JMB. Clicking a section displays the contents of the section in the right pane. When the View JMB page opens, by default, the Manifest section opens as shown in Figure 1. You can click the links in the Attachments and Logs sections to view or download attachments and system log files.

    Figure 1: Juniper Message Bundle

    Juniper Message Bundle

    To view details of a JMB:

    1. From the Service Now navigation tree, select Service Central > Information > Device Snapshots.

      The Device Snapshots page appears.

    2. On the Device Snapshots page, select the device for which you want to view an iJMB.
    3. From the Actions menu, select View JMB. Alternatively, right-click the device and select View JMB.

      The View JMB dialog box displays links to the original and the filtered JMBs as shown in Figure 2. The information in the filtered JMB is classified by the settings on your Global Settings page.

      Figure 2: View JMB Dialog Box

      View JMB Dialog Box
    4. Click the Original JMB or Filtered JMB link to view the JMB details.

      Clicking Original JMB displays the JMB as received from the device. Clicking Filtered JMB displays the JMB after filtering data as configured in the filter criteria.

    Modified: 2016-08-11