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    Generating EOL Reports

    Devices with End of Life (EOL) information are identified and displayed on the Exposure Analyzer page. Using Service Insight, you can generate EOL reports for these devices in an Excel file. EOL reports provide information such as the number of devices with EOL parts, EOL announce date, number of EOL announce parts, Last Software Engineering Support date, number of Last Software Engineering Support parts, Last Hardware Engineering Support date, number of Last Hardware Engineering Support parts, End of Sale date, End of Service date, top-level assembly parts, circuit assembly parts, PSN numbers, and replacement numbers. You can also schedule a time for generating the EOL reports.

    To generate EOL reports:

    1. From the Service Insight navigation tree, select Insight Central > Exposure Analyzer.
      The list of devices appears.
    2. Select one or more devices for which you want to generate the EOL report.
    3. Select Generate EOL Reports either from the Actions list or the right-click menu.
      The Generate EOL Report dialog box appears.
    4. (Optional) Select the Do not save this report on Service Insight check box if you do not want to save the EOL report. By default, the check box is clear and PBN reports are stored in the Service Insight database.
    5. Enter a name for the EOL report.

      The name can contain alphanumeric characters (a–z, A–Z, 0–9), space, underscore (_), and hyphen (-).

    6. For the Create EOL Report for option, select one of the following:
      • To generate EOL report for a particular organization or device group,
        1. Click All devices.

          Organization and Device groups drop down menu are displayed.

        2. From the Organization or Device Group drop down menu, select the organization or device group for which you want to generate the EOL report.
      • To generate EOL report for devices selected in step 2, click Selected devices shown below.
    7. Enter the e-mail address of the user to whom the EOL report must be sent.

      To add and delete users who must receive the e-mail, use the Add Email and Delete buttons. By default, the Send Email To list contains the e-mail address of the logged-in user.

    8. To schedule a time for generating the report, select the Schedule at a later time check box and set the date and time for the EOL report to be generated.
    9. Select Repeat and schedule an interval for regenerating the EOL report.

      The report generated for the first time has the name given by the user and for all the other successive reports, the report name is appended with timestamp.

    10. Click Submit.
      The Job Information dialog box displays a job ID link for the generated report.
    11. Click the job ID link.

      The Jobs page displays the details of the generated EOL report. The report includes the schedule for the generation of successive PBN reports if the Repeat option is configured.

    12. If you want to cancel the scheduled job for generating the next EOL report, select Cancel Job either from the Actions list or the right-click menu.

    Modified: 2016-08-11