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    Viewing the Configuration of a Pending Service Order

    You can view the configuration of a service order that is in the requested state, the scheduled state, the invalid state, or the failed deployment state.

    To view the configuration of such service orders:

    1. In the Network Activate task pane, select Service Provisioning > Manage Service Orders. A list of service orders is displayed.
    2. Select a service order that is in either of the following states:
      • Requested
      • Invalid
      • Scheduled
      • Failed deployment

      Note: The Order State column displays the state of the service order.

    3. Right-click the service order and select the View Pending Order Configuration. The Pending Order Configuration window is displayed. The configuration is displayed in xml format.

      Note: The View Pending Order Configuration appears to be dimmed if the service order state is Completed.

    4. Select a device to view the configuration details. You can also view the template configuration if a template is attached to the service order.

    Based on the application’s settings, the configuration is displayed in xml format or in set format. To view the configuration in set format:

    1. Select Platform > Administration > Applications > Network Activate.
    2. Right-click the Network Activate application and select Modify Application Settings. The Modify Network Activate Settings window is displayed.
    3. Select the show configuration in set format check box.

    Modified: 2013-09-19