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    Discovering Device Roles

    Before discovering device roles, you must run device discovery. See Discovering Devices in the Junos Space Network Application Platform User Guide.

    To discover unassigned PE devices:

    1. In the Network Activate task pane, select Prestage Devices > Manage Device Roles > Discover Roles.

      The Role Discovery Status window shows the discovery of unassigned devices found in the database.

      Note: If this is not the first time you have run the discover roles operation, this action overwrites any recommendations remaining from the previous discover roles operation. Devices with confirmed roles are not affected.

      The Targets Processed box contains a progress bar, which when finished, shows how many unassigned devices the Network Activate software found in its database.

      The graph portion of this example shows how many of the unassigned devices the pre-staging rules determined could be assigned the N-PE role and how many could be assigned the P role. The UNKNOWN bar indicates devices that had no MPLS role assigned but for which the Network Activate software was unable to recommend a role.

    2. To view the devices for which the Network Activate software recommends the PE role, click on the N_PE bar.

      The Assign Roles page appears.

      The question mark on each icon indicates that the device role has not yet been assigned.

      Note: You cannot discover a device as a PE device if no user-to-network interfaces (UNIs) are available in the device.

      The Network Activate application throws the following error message:

      2012-06-08 10:17:23,446 ERROR [PreStageDeviceManagerBean] (PreStageDeviceManagerBean#savePreStageDeviceList Thread-6894 (group:HornetQ-client-global-threads-1332782448):) No ge/fe/at/t1 interfaces in this PE device: junos-mx480-space; it can only be used for virtual routers

    Modified: 2017-02-21