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    Trouble Ticket Attributes Supported by Service Now

    The following table lists the attributes supported by Service Now.

    Table 1: Supported Trouble Ticket Attributes

    Trouble Ticket Attribute


    Access Right Provided to an External System


    Unique key to identify a trouble ticket.

    Read access


    Describes the reported trouble. It is represented by a set of graphic strings.



    Contains filename and data. The size of the data can be 6 MB (maximum) per attachment Base64 encoded. Attachments can be updated/added through update/create trouble ticket. If file name is not displayed, it is derived from the data. It will be assumed the name of the file in the attachment data will be the name of the file. If the attachment data has no file name, the attachment data will be given an arbitrary file name as attachment_1 and so on.

    Only upload access


    Provides additional information regarding the trouble report closure.

    Read/write access


    Provides a list of related TRs.

    Read access


    Provides a summary of the PR.

    Write access is provided only at the first attempt. For all subsequent updates, only read access is provided.


    Indicates the state of a ticket/case.

    Read/write access


    Indicates the status of a ticket/case

    Read/write access


    Indicates when the trouble was detected.

    Read/write access


    Indicates whether the customer has requested to cancel the case. Cancellation request is not permitted if the case is already cleared or closed. The case is closed when a cancellation request is granted.

    Write access


    Indicates whether the customer has verified the resolution, denied the resolution, or taken no action.

    Write access


    Specifies the internal number assigned to the customer (example, the number that is assigned by a customer's trouble administration system). It allows the customer to access the TTR with this internal number.

    Read/write access


    Specifies the urgency of the resolution required by the customer. Its value can be undefined, minor, major, or serious.

    Read/write access


    Provides the list of objects that may be the underlying cause of the trouble. This list should be used to pass the device serial number.

    Read/write access

    Modified: 2016-08-11