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    Auto Submit Policy Overview

    An auto submit policy is a policy that you create to enable Service Now to submit incidents to Juniper Support System (JSS) automatically. When incidents are submitted to JSS, technical support cases are created with Juniper Networks and the status of the incidents are updated on the Incidents page of the Service Now GUI. When incidents are submitted automatically, they are filtered based on the JMB Filter Level setting of the Service Now organization to which the device belongs.

    You can dampen events occurring on devices to prevent incidents being created and submitted to JSS for the same event if the event recurs within a configuredle time period called dampening period. Dampening policy is assigned to individual events. if Auto Submit Policy is activated. You can select a dampening period for which alerts are dampened for an event that recurs on the same device, device group, or organization.

    Service Now uses the event ID and synopsis of an event to dampen incident creation. Whenever an event occurs on a device, Service Now checks if an auto submit policy is defined for that event. If an auto submit policy is defined, Service Now checks for the dampening status on the policy. If the dampening status is enabled, Service Now gets the user defined dampening interval for the event reported on a device. If a dampening interval is found, Service Now checks when the last incident was created for the event ID and synopsis. If the last event occurred before the defined dampening interval or if it had occurred during the defined dampening interval but is in closed state, a new incident is created for the event; otherwise incident is not created. Event RMA is always dampened.

    To view auto submit policies, select Administration > Auto Submit Policy, from the Service Now taskbar. The Auto Submit Policy page appears as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Auto Submit Policy Page

    Auto Submit Policy

    You can perform the following tasks from the View Auto Submit Policy page

    Modified: 2016-08-11