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Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved in Junos Space Service Now Release 16.1R1 and Junos Space Service Insight Release 16.1R1:

  • Submission of on-demand RMAs without a problem description to JSS by using the submitCase API is failing. [PR 1203642]
  • Submission of incidents without a description by using the submitCase API is failing. An option to resubmit the incident through GUI or REST API is required. [PR 1203445]
  • The following issues are found with Product Health Data Collection: [PR 1202748]
    • The Retry for failed devices option does not collect product health data for devices for which product health data collection failed earlier.
    • Product health data is not collected for a device newly added to the Product Health Data Collection group.
    • For a device removed from a Product Health Data Collection group, the Read Status is displayed as Reading, whereas the Product Health Data Collection state is displayed as PHDC is stopped on the device but PHDC is not unsubscribed from JSS.
  • EOL and PBN reports are not generated when the Do not save this report on Service Insight option is selected on the Generate PBN report page and Generate EOL report page. [PR 1200200]
  • After Junos OS is upgraded from a release later than release 15.0R1 to another release later than release 15.0R1, events are dampened in the backup Routing Engine. [PR 1191975]
  • On a device running Junos OS release 15.0R1 or later, AI-SCRIPTS MISMATCH ERROR is repeatedly listed in the system log even though an AI-Scripts package is installed on the backup Routing Engine. [PR 1191971]

    Workaround: Reinstall AI-Scripts on the device by using Service Now.

  • A workaround must be displayed on the Service Now GUI when the installation of AI-Scripts on a device fails because of GRES being enabled on the device. [PR 1185859]
  • The Export EOL Reports option exports EOL reports as an octet stream instead of as a *.zip file. [PR 1175953]
  • The EOL summary report lists an incorrect quantity for a device. [PR 1175945]
  • E-mail notifications for the Switch over enabled for iJMB trigger must not be sent to super users. [PR 1175414]
  • Service Insight is sending the same End of Life (EOL) notifications once every hour. [PR 1173473]
  • The log file generated by AI-Scripts is occupying almost 100% of the space in the /var directory. [PR 1173183]
  • Application-specific cache (ASC) data takes a long time to be retrieved from the Packet Forwarding Engine of SRX Series devices. [PR 1173084]
  • Number of events in an autosubmit policy is changes even when events are not modified in the policy. [PR 1166964]
  • The Input is not a valid number message is displayed if you do not select the cheduler Oinker messages seen on console during bootup/restarting daemons and config commits event check box is when modifying the autosubmit policy. [PR 1163404]
  • End Customer Service Now is unable to send incidents created for MX480 devices to a Service Now partner. [PR 1155976]
  • Service Now does not check for the presence of the AI-Scripts static configuration for AI-Scripts releases in the 4.0 (4.0R1 through 4.0R3) and 4.1 (4.1R3 through 4.1R10) series before beginning the installation of AI-Scripts Release 5.0R1 and later. [PR 1118990]

Modified: 2016-08-12