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Back Up and Restore of Service Now data During Junos Space Platform Upgrade

Taking Back Up of Service Now Release 16.1R2 Data Before Upgrading Junos Space Platform to Release 16.1R1/16.1R2

To back up Service Now Release 16.1R2 data:

  1. Install the Junos Space Platform patch provided to back up Service Now data.

    The following is a sample output when the patch is installed:

    Copying [ AIM ] Application Files...!
    Starting Service Now Backup...
    STAGE-1 - SN Backup Preprocessing - Creating backup directories for SN Image and DB...
    STAGE-1 - SN Backup Preprocessing completed - Successfully created backup directories for SN Image and DB...
    STAGE-2 - SN Backup core processing started...
    STAGE-2.1 - Preparing to backup image...
    WARNING: The current version of Service Now is less than 15.1R3. Please upgrade to version 15.1R3 or later for Service Now to operate as desired. Press any key to continue...
  2. Download the Service Now image from the Software Download Page to a temporary folder on the Junos Space server.
  3. Open a separate ssh session on the Junos Space server and create a folder (for example, Service-Now 16.1R2.4) to copy the Service Now image from the temporary folder.
    	cd /var/cache/jboss/sn_backup/image
    	mkdir Service-Now.16.1R2.4
  4. Copy the Service Now image from the temporary folder to the newly created folder.
    cp /tmp/Service-Now.16.1R2.4.img /var/cache/jboss/sn_backup/image/Service-Now.16.1R2.4/.
  5. Follow the prompts to proceed with the backup.

    A *.tgz file is created at the end of the backup process.

Restoring Service Now Data After Junos Space Platform Upgrade to Release 16.1R1/16.1R2


  • Ensure that the server used for restoring data has enough free space. We recommend having free space at least twice the size of the backup data so that the backup data is properly restored. For example, if the backed up data is 10 GB, ensure that 20GB free space is available on the machine on which the data would be restored.
  • If you are creating a cluster and have not taken a back up of the image of Service Now Release 15.1R3 or 15.1R4, you must upgrade Service Now to Service Now Release 15.1R4 or 16.1R1/16.1R2/16.2R1 respectively before adding nodes to the cluster.

Data for Service Now Releases 15.1R3, 15.1R4, 16.1R1, 16.1R2, and 16.2R1 are restored along with Junos Space Platform data while configuring the primary Junos Space node.

For information about configuring the primary Junos Space node, see Configuring a Junos Space Appliance as a Junos Space Node in JA2500 Junos Space Hardware Guide.

After Service Now data is restored and Junos Space Platform is upgraded to Release 16.1R1/16.1R2, remove the backup file from the /var/cache/jboss/jmp/payloads/backup location.

To remove the Service Now backup file:

  1. Log in to the Junos Space VIP node.
  2. Access the shell.
  3. Navigate to the /var/cache/jboss/jmp/payloads/backup directory.

    cd /var/cache/jboss/jmp/payloads/backup

  4. Execute the following command to delete the backup file:

    rm -rf AIM/

    The Service Now backup file is deleted.

Modified: 2018-03-20