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    Untagging Objects

    You can untag or remove a tag from objects on an inventory page. You can select one or more objects at a time to untag.

    To untag objects:

    1. Navigate to the inventory page. For example, select Devices > Device Management.
    2. Select the objects that you want to untag, then select UnTag It from the Actions menu. Alternatively, right-click the objects that you want to untag and select UnTag It.

      The UnTag Objects dialog box appears.

      Note: All the tags that are associated with the selected objects are displayed. If there are no tags that are common to all the selected objects, a warning message indicating that no common tags are found is displayed above the list of tags.

    3. Select the tags that you want to remove.
    4. Click Untag.

      The Untag dialog box appears, displaying a message indicating that the selected tags have been successfully removed.

    5. Click OK.

      You are returned to the inventory page. In this example, you are returned to the Device Management inventory page.

    Modified: 2016-01-04