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    Viewing the Physical Inventory

    Junos Space Network Management Platform displays the physical inventory of a device containing data retrieved from the device during discovery and resynchronization operations and from the data stored in the hardware catalog. This inventory includes the number of available slots for managed devices, power supplies, chassis cards, fans, part numbers, and so on.

    Sorting is disabled on the View Physical Inventory page to preserve the natural slot order of the devices.


    • If you select a chassis cluster device, information about both the primary and secondary devices is displayed.
    • If you select a device with dual Routing Engines, the inventory data collected from the primary Routing Engine is displayed.
    • If you select an aggregation device, the inventory data from the aggregation device and the satellite devices is displayed.

    To view the physical inventory:

    1. On the Network Management Platform user interface, select Devices > Device Management.

      The Device Management page displays the devices managed by Junos Space Platform.

    2. Select a device whose physical inventory you want to view.
    3. Select Device Inventory > View Physical Inventory from the Actions menu. Alternatively, right-click the device name and select Device Inventory > View Physical Inventory.

      The View Physical Inventory page is displayed. You can expand certain categories (for example, the Routing Engine category) to view data for all memory (RAM and disk) installed on the device components.

      If you select multiple devices, expand the category next to each device to view the physical inventory of the device.

      Table 1 displays the columns on the View Physical Inventory page.

      Table 1: View Physical Inventory Page




      Type of module on the device

      Device Name

      Name of the device

      Model Number

      Model number of the component


      Model of the device

      Part Number

      Part number of the device

      Vendor Part Number

      Part number of the optical module installed on the device

      Vendor Material Number

      Material number of the optical module installed on the device


      Revision number of the device

      Serial Number

      Serial number of the component


      Status of the component: Online or Offline. The status is updated during periodic resynchronization of configuration information and on notification.


      Domain to which the device is assigned


      Description of the component

      Note: The device inventory for a Junos Space Platform installation that contains Service Now and Service Insight includes columns related to service contracts and the end-of-life status. For detailed information, see Displaying Service Contract and EOL Data in the Physical Inventory Table.

      The address group subtypes—namely, the location and ship-to-address of a device—are displayed as columns only if Service Now contains an address group and the managed devices are associated with the address group. If no address group is configured in Service Now, these columns are not displayed.

    4. (Optional) To view all the physical inventory of a device, click the – (minus) icon next to a Flexible PIC Concentrator (FPC).

      The inventory associated with the FPC collapses to a concise view.

    5. (Optional) To view the physical inventory of a satellite device connected to an aggregation device, click the + (plus) icon next to an FPC (range: 100–255).

      The inventory of the satellite device associated with the FPC is displayed.

    6. (Optional) To view the physical interfaces of an inventory element, right-click and select View Physical Interfaces.

      The View Physical Interfaces page id displayed. Unresolved xref describes the information that can be viewed on the View Physical Interfaces page.

    7. (Optional) To export the physical inventory on the View Physical Inventory page:

      1. Click the Export icon at the top-left corner of the page.

        The Export Inventory dialog box is displayed.

      2. You can cancel or proceed with the export operation.

        • To cancel the export operation, click Cancel.
        • Click Export to export the inventory.

          The Export Inventory Job Status information dialog box is displayed. When the job is completed, the Export Inventory Job Status report indicates that the job is complete.

      3. Click the Download link in the Export Inventory Job Status information dialog box to download the CSV file.

        The CSV file you have downloaded displays physical inventory such as the name of the device, chassis, name of the module, name of the sub-module, name of the sub-sub-module, name of the sub-sub-sub-module, model number of the device, model of the device, part number of the device, revision number of the device, serial number of the device, vendor part number, vendor material number, and the description provided for the device.

      4. Close the Export Inventory Job Status information dialog box to return to the View Physical Inventory page.

      Note: You can also export the physical inventory of one or multiple devices managed by Junos Space Platform from the Device Management page. For more information, refer to Exporting the Physical Inventory of Devices.

    8. Click Back at the top left to return to the Device Management page.

    Modified: 2016-12-05