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    Removing Device Images from Devices

    Before you can delete device images from Junos Space Network Management Platform, you must remove the device images from the devices on which they are staged or deployed. Junos Space Platform does not allow you to remove images that are associated with a device.

    Note: You can remove satellite software packages and Junos Continuity software packages from devices by following the procedure for removing device images.

    To remove device images from the devices on which they are staged:

    1. On the Junos Space Platform UI, select Images and Scripts > Images.

      The Images page appears, displaying the device images in Junos Space Platform.

    2. Select the images that you want to remove.

      The selected images are highlighted.

    3. Select Remove Staged Image from Device from the Actions menu.

      If the selected images are not staged on any of the devices, then Junos Space Platform displays the following error message:
      None of the device(s) have all the selected image(s) staged.

      If there is at least one device on which the images are staged, then the Remove Image from Staged Devices dialog box appears. Only the devices on which all the selected images are staged are displayed. For example, Image1 is staged on DeviceA and DeviceB, and Image2 is staged on DeviceA. When you select Image1 and Image2 for deletion, the Remove Image from Staged Devices dialog box displays only DeviceA. This is because only DeviceA is common to both Image1 and Image2.

      Tip: Before you proceed to delete an image from the devices, ensure that the Device Image name(s) field displays the name of the image that you want to delete. If the name of a different image is displayed, click the Images breadcrumb at the top of the page to return to the Images page and select the correct image.

      Table 1 gives the descriptions of fields displayed in the Remove Image from Staged Devices dialog box.

      Table 1: Remove Image from Staged Devices Dialog Box Fields



      Device Image name(s)

      Name of the image that you want to delete from the devices. If you select multiple images to delete, then the names of all selected images are displayed.

      Device Name

      Name of the device from which you can delete the image

      Device Alias

      Value of the Device Alias custom label for the device. This field is empty if the Device Alias custom label is not added or no value is assigned to the Device Alias custom label for the device.

      IP Address

      IP address of the device


      Platform of the device, such as MX480, MX320, MX960, and so on

      Software Version

      Version of software running on the device, such as 12.3R2.5, 11.2R3.3, and so on

    4. Select the devices from which you want to delete the image by using one of the following selection modes—manually, based on tags, or by using a comma-separated values (CSV) file. These options are mutually exclusive. If you select one, the others are disabled.

      Note: By default, the Select Device Manually option is selected and the list of devices on which the image is staged is displayed.

      To select devices manually:

      1. Click the Select Device Manually option, if it is not selected previously.
      2. Select the devices from which you want to delete the device image.

        The Select Devices status bar shows the total number of devices that you selected. The status bar is dynamically updated as you select the devices.

      3. To select all devices, select the check box in the column header next to Device Name.

      To select devices on the basis of tags:

      1. Click the Select by Tags option.

        The Select by tags list is activated.

      2. Click the arrow on the Select by Tags list.

        A list of tags defined for devices in the Junos Space system appears, categorized into two—Public and Private.

      3. To select tags, perform one of the following actions :
        • Select the check boxes next to the tag names to select the desired tags and click OK.
        • To search for a specific tag, enter the first few letters of the tag name in the Select by Tags field to the left of the OK button. If a match is found, a suggestion is made. You can select the suggested tag name and click OK.

        As you select the tags, the total number of devices associated with the selected tags appears just above the device display table. For example, if there are six devices associated with the selected tags, then 6 items selected is displayed. However, no devices are listed if the image is not staged on the devices that are associated with the selected tags.

        The selected tags appear next to the Tags Selected label. An [X] icon appears after each tag name. You can use the [X] icon to clear any tag from the list. The device count decrements accordingly.

      To select devices using a CSV file:

      1. Select the Select by CSV option.
      2. Click Browse and upload the file in CSV format containing the list of devices from which you want to remove the device image.

        Tip: For a sample CSV file, click the Sample CSV link. You are prompted to save the file. Save the file to your local system and open it by using an application such as Microsoft Excel.

    5. (Optional) Schedule the delete operation by performing one of the following actions.
      • Select the Schedule at a later time check box and specify a later start date and time for the delete operation.
      • Clear the Schedule at a later time check box (the default) to initiate the delete operation as soon as you click Remove.
    6. Click Remove.


      • When you delete the jinstall image, the corresponding jbundle image, if any, is also deleted from the /var/tmp folder on the device.
      • On devices with dual Routing Engines, the image is deleted from both Routing Engines. That is, if the image is deleted from the master Routing Engine, then the image is deleted from the backup Routing Engine as well.

      The image is deleted from the selected devices and a message appears, displaying the job ID. To verify whether the image is deleted successfully, click the job ID link or navigate to the Job Management page and view the status of the job. If the job is a failure, you can double-click the job to view the reason for failure. The Job Details page appears, which displays the reason for failure in the Description column.

    When you delete a device image from a device, an audit log entry is automatically generated.

    Modified: 2016-10-17