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Changes in Default Behavior

  • From Junos Space Platform Release 15.1R1 onward, the accept-type for the ASYNC API ("/api/space/device-management/discover-devices?queue-url=https://
    ) is changed to "application/;version=1".
  • From Junos Space Platform Release 15.1R1 onward, the Add SNMP configuration to device field on the Modify Application Settings page (Administration > Applications > Network Management Platform > Modify Application Setting) is renamed Add SNMP configuration to device for fault monitoring.
  • From Junos Space Platform Release 15.1R1 onward, auto-resynchronization jobs are not displayed on the Job Management page. These jobs run in the background and cannot be canceled from the Junos Space UI. You can view the status of auto-resynchronization jobs from the Managed Status column on the Device Management page or from the Device Count by Synchronization State widget on the Devices page. You can collect more information about these jobs from the server.log and autoresync.log files in the /var/log/jboss/servers/server1/ directory.
  • From Junos Space Platform Release 15.2R2 onward, Internet Explorer version 8.0 is no longer supported. Although you can access Junos Space Platform by using Internet Explorer versions 9.0 and 10.0, we recommend that you upgrade to Internet Explorer version 11.0 because it is the only version now supported by Microsoft. For more information, see
  • From Junos Space Platform Release 16.1R1 onward, the minimum hard disk requirement for deploying a virtual appliance on a VMware ESX or ESXi server is increased from 133 GB to 250 GB.
  • From Junos Space Platform Release 16.1R2 onward, validation messages are provided for tasks where CSV files are used for device selection, and all devices that are listed in the CSV file are not selected when the task is performed. Validation messages are provided when devices are selected using CSV files from the following pages and dialog boxes:
    • Deploy Device Image dialog box
    • Deploy Satellite Device Image dialog box
    • Stage Image on Device page
    • Stage Image on Satellite Device page
    • Remove Image from Staged Device dialog box
    • Undeploy JAM Package from Device dialog box
    • Verifying checksum of image on device(s) dialog box
    • Stage Scripts on Device(s) page
    • Enable Scripts on Device(s) page
    • Disable Scripts on Device(s) page
    • Execute Script on Device(s) page
    • Remove Scripts from Device(s) dialog box
    • Verify Checksum of Scripts on Device(s) dialog box

Modified: 2017-06-14