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Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved in Junos Space Network Management Platform Release 16.1R2. The identifier following the description is the tracking number in the Juniper Networks Problem Report (PR) tracking system.

  • A SLAX script that includes a parameter with the name Password affects the behavior of all subsequently defined parameters in the script. [PR1114844]
  • When you modify the configuration of vSRX from the Modify Device Configuration page of Junos Space Platform, the protocols are not listed in the Security options. [PR1162421]
  • No message is provided for devices that are not selected when a CSV file is used to select devices while performing a task. [PR1202240]
  • After you upgrade to Junos Space Platform Release 15.2R2, you experience a delay of 10 through 15 seconds while selecting or switching domains. [PR1207098]
  • Unable to use square brackets in CLI commands generated by Junos Space. [PR1214225]
  • The MySQL database goes into the Out-of-Sync state after the second JBoss node is added to the Junos Space fabric. [PR1215640]
  • In a Junos Space fabric with more than one node, you cannot upload CSV files while creating a template definition from the Junos Space Platform UI. PR[1221994]
  • Jobs listed on the Job Management page cannot be filtered on the basis of the values in the Parameters column. PR[1222014]
  • While deploying device images to devices with uncommitted configuration changes, the job fails with the error message, Uncommitted changes are present in Device(s). Please perform “rollback” or “commit” in Device(s). Also use “request system reboot” command to complete the pending installation. [PR 1232918]
  • When a JBoss node is added to a Junos Space fabric, component files from Junos Space applications are not copied and synchronized to the newly added node. [PR 1233029]
  • The global search feature takes a long time to display search results while searching for strings that start with the asterisk (*) character—for example, *test. [PR 1233469]
  • The actual start time of scheduled jobs is constantly delayed by one minute from the scheduled start time. [PR1234926]
  • Junos Space Platform stores the Autonomous System Number as -1 in the database when a device with an Autonomous System Number greater than 65535 is discovered. [PR 1235208]
  • The REST call for the API GET /api/space/managed-domain/managed-elements/{id} always returns an empty response. [PR 1237709]
  • The managed status of a device is displayed as Sync Failed even after the device is resynchronized multiple times. [PR 1239775]
  • After the Junos Space virtual IP (VIP) failover occurs, the Junos Space Platform UI can be accessed using weak algorithms, even when the Disable weak algorithms for WEB or API access option is selected. [PR 1240952]
  • The Junos Space server attempts to resolve the host multiple times because of invalid configuration data in the /etc/rsyslog.conf file. [PR 1243622]
  • The Junos Space Security Director upgrade fails after the upgrade from Junos Space Platform Release 15.2R2 to Junos Space Platform Release 16.1R1. [PR1243690]
  • Certificate-based authentication fails after you upgrade a Junos Space Platform Release 15.2R2 setup to Junos Space Platform Release 16.1R1. [PR1244598]
  • Login with MyCard fails. [PR 1245784]
  • When Juniper Networks EX3400 devices are added to Junos Space Platform, the managed status of the devices remains in the Sync Failed state. [PR 1246987]
  • When you attempt to stage a device image from Junos Space Platform, because of the nonavailability of a route through the eth3 interface, the job fails displaying an error message indicating that SCP might not be enabled. [PR1248306]
  • The Add Node job fails when any of the files to be synchronized across the fabric nodes contain a space ( ) character in the filename. [PR1248319]
  • When the commit synchronize command is executed from the device CLI, Junos Space Platform does not automatically synchronize the device. [PR1249406]
  • In device-initiated connections to Junos Space Platform, too many devices remain in the CLOSE_WAIT state, causing the Junos Space server to run out of memory. [PR 1249841]
  • The addition of the second JBoss node to a Junos Space fabric with one JBoss node and dedicated database nodes takes up to six hours to complete because of a corrupt NTP file on the JBoss primary node. [PR 1250278]
  • The database backup file is not copied from the standby node to the active VIP node when the eth1 interface is configured on the Junos Space nodes. [PR1250720]
  • The Compare Template Against Device page displays devices across domains when filters are applied on the page. [PR 1251544]
  • The query of queue messages from the Hornetq after executing an EMS script does not provide all expected messages related to the script execution job.[PR1252240]
  • After you upgrade from Junos Space Platform Release 15.2R2 to Junos Space Platform Release 16.1R1, existing and new users who are assigned the Super Administrator role are unable to access the Admin tab in the Network Monitoring workspace. [PR1252330]
  • Load balancing among Junos Space fabric nodes is not effective when the devices are discovered through device-initiated connections. [PR1253135]
  • Users without GUI access permissions can access the GUI when they log in to Junos Space Platform with the certificate parameter-based authentication mode enabled. [PR1253581]
  • The server log is flooded with error messages when the certificate parameter-based authentication mode is enabled. [PR1254932]
  • Device image deployment fails because of a filename pattern mismatch. [PR1256068]

Modified: 2017-05-05