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Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved in Junos Space Network Management Platform Release 16.1R3. The identifier following the description is the tracking number in the Juniper Networks Problem Report (PR) tracking system.

  • Junos Space Platform does not purge the Apply CLI Configlet jobs. [PR 1147605]
  • Script and configlet upload fails if the upload contains already-uploaded objects with no change or modification. [PR 1185465]
  • Resource graphs on the Network Monitoring > Reports > Resource Graphs page do not appear properly after you add an FMPM node. [PR 1182553]
  • Switching from Network Management Platform to the ICEAA Manager fails when MyCard is removed. [PR 1218178]
  • The Resolve Out of Band Changes function does not work as expected when there are a large number of out-of-band changes. [PR 1233845]
  • Junos Space database nodes fail to synchronize after you restore the database from a backup file. [PR 1255448]
  • Junos OS deployment on EX2200 fails as the request-package-add RPC returns NULL because of RPC timeout. [PR 1259747]
  • Despite successful validation of the configlet, the configlet deployment fails when the Security Director application is installed. This issue occurs because Security Director overwrites one of the system properties that is used in XML processing. [PR 1263282]
  • Junos Space Platform does not terminate Telnet sessions with wwAdapter devices when the specified jobs are completed. [PR 1263287]
  • Junos Space Platform returns an invalid XML file when an API call tries to retrieve the status of a failed script execution. [PR 1269854]
  • OpenNMS stops updating the performance graphs. This problem occurs because Junos Space Platform that sends the SNMP requests over the interface eth3 uses the eth0 address as the source IP address. Because the eth0 interface is not reachable from devices, the SNMP requests time out. [PR 1269891]
  • It is not possible to stage or deploy minor version images to MX Series routers. [PR 1271111]
  • Junos Space Platform returns an error when you select a device status from the Template Comparison Job Details page if you have selected another device status from a different Template Comparison Job Details page. [PR 1272622]
  • Network monitoring pages fail to launch after the database is restored on an eth1-enabled server. [PR 1274934]
  • The SNMPv3 trap configuration in/opt/opennms/etc/trapd-configuration.xml is updated even when the trap configuration has failed in the Junos Space Platform UI. This problem occurs when you attempt to modify the SNMPv3 trap configuration while another modification job for the SNMPv3 trap configuration is active. [PR 1276686]
  • Database nodes remain in out-of-sync state after you upgrade Junos Space Platform from Release 16.1 to Release 17.1R1. [PR 1280277]
  • When root users perform an ISSU upgrade on high-end SRX Series cluster devices, the Deploy Image job returns the command is not valid error and fails. [PR 1280913]
  • After a user role is changed, that user is not able to access the Network Monitoring page. [PR 1283152 ]
  • Users are not able to access Network Monitoring after the authentication mode is changed to Certificate Parameter-based authentication. [PR 1284204]
  • The SNMPv3 trap configuration job remains open with the status showing In Progress. [PR 1288098]
  • Configuration changes that you make by using the schema-based editor from the Junos Space Platform UI are not saved. [PR 1290662]
  • Junos Space Platform does not recognize EX2300 and EX3400 devices when you try to deploy the device images. [PR 1294300]
  • When you initiate a database backup while upgrading a node, Junos Space Platform returns an error message that says the node is down. [PR 1294963]
  • When audit log forwarding to an external system is configured, the forwarded audit logs show the status of jobs such as backup configuration files as failed even though the job has successfully completed in Junos Space Platform. [PR 1296230]
  • The Resynchronize with Network job takes a long time to create and does not provide any indication to the users about the status of the job creation. [PR 1297371]
  • When the Stage Script, Execute Script, or Remove Script operation fails for devices that are specified through a CSV file, the error messages that Junos Space Platform returns in the View Inapplicable Devices CSV file are generic and do not indicate the actual error. [PR 1298589]
  • Junos Space Platform does not support importing of Device Aliases for devices in other domains even though the user has access to the domain to which the devices belong and object visibility is enabled. [PR 1298977]
  • Junos Space Platform GUI user accounts get locked if an unexpected exception occurs while the browser certificate is being loaded. [PR 1298978]
  • The Security Director Web UI does not always show all the jobs that are present in the system. [PR 1299382]
  • Database backup fails when network monitoring is disabled. This problem occurs if you selected the Network Monitoring check box in the Content Options section of the Database Backup page. [PR 1299292]
  • When you copy commands from the Compare Template Against Device Job Results page, the line numbers are copied along with the command. [PR 1302976]
  • Junos Space Platform does not remove script associations from devices that are put in RMA state. [PR 1303143]
  • Junos Space Network Management Platform rejects internal API requests when the certificate-based authentication is enabled. [PR 1303210]
  • The remote database backup job fails if the remote username contains hyphens. [PR 1304603]

Modified: 2017-09-18