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Installing Cross Provisioning Platform

Before you begin:

  • You cannot install Network Activate on the same system as Cross Provisioning Platform (CPP). Uninstall Network Activate before you install CPP on your system.
  • Uninstall Junos Space Virtual Control, if it is installed on your Junos Space Network Management Platform. After uninstalling Virtual Control, you must run the cleanup script before you proceed with the installation. You can download the cleanup script for Virtual Control from the Junos Space and Junos Space Cross Provisioning Platform Download page.
  • Download CPP software image to the hard disk or an SCP server. Open a new browser page, log in to the Juniper software downloads page and download the required CPP version to either the hard disk or an SCP server. The CPP software images are located at the Junos Space and Junos Space Cross Provisioning Platform Download page.

To install CPP from the Administration > Applications page of Junos Space:

  1. Click the plus symbol (+) on the top left of the page to add the application.
  2. Click either Upload via HTTP or Upload via SCP and upload the image as follows:
    • To upload CPP by using HTTP:

      1. Click Upload via HTTP to open the dialog box.
      2. Navigate to the local location where the Cross Provisioning Platform or the Cross Provisioning Platform API image is stored.
      3. Select the image file and click Open to load the path.
      4. Click Upload to load the image file into Junos Space.
    • To upload CPP by using SCP:

      1. Click Upload via SCP to open the Upload dialog box.
      2. Enter the secure copy credentials to upload the image from a remote server to Junos Space.
        1. User—Enter the username.
        2. Confirm Password—Enter the password and reenter the password in the Confirm Password field.
        3. IP address—Enter the host IP address.
        4. Path—Enter the local pathname of the CPP application file.
      3. Click Upload to load the image file into Junos Space.
  3. Click OK to skip viewing the job results.
  4. Select Cross Provisioning Platform and click Install.
  5. Click OK in the Application Configuration window dialog box.

    You can check the Job Status page to view the progress of the installation job. When the installation is completed, Cross Provisioning Platform appears on the Applications inventory page. The new application also appears in the Application Chooser (at the upper-left corner).

  6. Download the DMI schemas for devices that require a later schema and upload the schema to Junos Space.
  7. To work with CPP, select Cross Provisioning Platform from the Applications list in the upper-left corner above the Tasks tree.

    CPP is displayed in your browser window in the default view.

  8. (Optional) Bookmark this page in your browser for future use.

    You can use the bookmarked URL to log in to CPP without logging in to Junos Space first.

  9. Depending on your networking requirements, perform the initial configuration of Cross Provisioning Platform. See Modifying Application Settings.

Modified: 2017-02-22