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Use the Users page to view, create, modify, and delete users. You can also disable and enable users, unlock users, clear local passwords, and view active sessions. Every user must be assigned at least one role and belong to at least one domain. You can filter and sort the users displayed, and view details of each user. Table 215 describes the fields on this page.

Table 215: Users Main Page Fields




Username of the user.

First Name

First name of the user.

Last Name

Last name of the user.


E-mail address of the user.

Assigned Domain

Domains to which the user is assigned. Users can access only those objects within the domain to which they are assigned.

User Type

Indicates whether the user was created manually (local) or automatically by Junos Space through remote login (remote).


Indicates whether the user is enabled or disabled. Users are enabled by default. A user whose account is disabled cannot log in to Junos Space.

Password Status

Indicates whether the user’s password is active, expired, or temporary.

Locked Out

Indicates whether a user is locked out or not. Users who are locked out cannot log in to Junos Space and must request an administrator to unlock their user accounts.

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