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Logging and Reporting Overview

The Junos Space Security Director Logging and Reporting module enables log collection across multiple SRX Series devices and enables log visualization.

The Logging and Reporting module provides:


Logs, also called event logs, provide vital information for managing network security incident investigation and response. Logging provides the following features:

You must configure Security Director and SRX series devices to receive logs. Select Security Director > Devices > Device Management to configure syslog to receive SRX Series device logs.

For more information, see the following topics:

Log Director

Log Director is a plug‐in on the Junos Space Network Management Platform, which is used for system log data collection for SRX Series devices running Junos OS. Log Director consists of two components: Junos Space plug‐in application, VM deployment of log receivers and log storage nodes.

The Log Collector(s) stores the logs in the hard disk, and the size depends on VM or JA2500 deployment. When the allocation threshold is exceeded, the oldest log file in the directory is deleted to make room for new system logging messages. To permanently store system logging messages, you must archive them to an external device.

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