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Understanding Roles in Security Director

Roles define the functionality or tasks that a user can perform in Junos Space, and they enable you to segregate users based on the functionality that they are allowed to access. You do this by assigning a different set of roles to various user accounts (in the case of local user accounts created in Junos Space) or to remote profiles to be used for remote authorization. When a user logs in to Junos Space, the tasks that they can perform are determined by the roles that have been assigned to that particular user account.

There are two types of roles: predefined roles, which are created by Junos Space, and user-defined (customized) roles, which must be created manually. The list of predefined user roles that Junos Space Security Director supports is available on the Roles page (select Administration > Users & Roles > Roles).

Roles can only be created by users who are assigned the User Administrator or Super Administrator or by a user with the Create Role permission.

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