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Reassigning Jobs in Security Director

You can reassign jobs owned by a user to another user within the same domain from the Job Management page. When you reassign a job, you transfer the ownership of the jobs from one user to another. To reassign the jobs of one user to another user, you must be assigned the privileges of a Job Administrator.

One scenario for reassigning jobs is if a user who is the owner of scheduled jobs is deleted from Junos Space. The jobs for that owner are canceled, so you can reassign the scheduled jobs to another user.

Note: You can reassign only scheduled and recurring jobs. You cannot reassign jobs that are completed, pending, in progress, or canceled.


To cancel one or more jobs:

  1. Select Monitor > Job Management.

    The Job Management page appears.

  2. Select the jobs that you want to reassign. From the right-click or More menu, select Reassign Jobs.

    The Reassign Jobs page appears, displaying the list of users to whom you can reassign the jobs.

  3. Select the user to whom you want to reassign the jobs.
  4. Click OK to reassign the jobs.

    The Reassign Jobs Warning page appears asking you to confirm the reassignment.

    Note: If the user to whom you have reassigned the jobs does not have the proper privileges, then a message indicating that the jobs cannot be reassigned because of role restrictions is displayed along with the list of jobs that cannot be reassigned. Click OK to close the page and go to the Job Management page.

  5. Click Confirm.

    You are returned to the Job Management page, and a status message about the reassignment is displayed at the top of the page.

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