In general, a node can be any device in a network. This concept allows you to discover resources on the network. A node has a unique ID that allows an API to get information about it. OpenNMS also supports a mechanism to reference a foreign node by its own ID, such as a Space device ID. For more information about referencing a Space device ID as a foreign source and ID pair within OpenNMS APIs, see the "Mapping Space Device IDs to OpenNMS Node IDs" section of the Fault and Performance APIs topic.

The following operations are supported on this resource:

  • GET - Get list of nodes.
GET /nodes Version 1

This API is used to retrieve information about all the nodes.

Sample Usage

GET /nodes

  • Accept Headers:

  • Sample Output XML:

    <nodes count="1" totalCount="1">
       <node devicePlatform="FIREFLY-PERIMETER" foreignId="491540" foreignSource="space" label="" id="5" type="A">
             <lastModifiedBy />
          <categories id="10" name="Medium" />
          <categories id="7" name="Security Devices" />
          <categories id="16" name="Monitor_SNMP" />
          <categories id="13" name="_Global">

  • Access Control

    The following capabilities are required to access this API: cap_fmpm_Alarm