The Device Image Manager Service provides management of all device software packages. It also provides service to upgrade/downgrade Junos OS and deployment of packages on different Junos from a single location. And also provides undeployment of JAM (Junos Agile Methodology) Junos Continuity software package.

Junos OS Junos operating system (Junos OS) is the foundation of responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications over a single network. It incorporates key design and developmental differences to deliver increased network availability, operational efficiency, and flexibility.
JAM Package JAM (Junos Agile Methodology) is a Junos Continuity software. It is an optional software package that enables the MX routers (MX240, MX480, MX960, MX2010 and MX2020) to support new hardware (e.g. MPC) without upgrading Junos OS. This helps faster deployment of the new hardware and eliminates the time required for software re-qualification that is required when you upgrade the OS.

Service Root


Methods and Collections


REST Resources

The following APIs support asynchronous method calls. You can create a queue and use the queue in the queue parameter which is optional. For further details, see the following:

  • /packages/{id}/exec-deploy POST

  • /packages/{id}/exec-deploy POST

  • /packages/{id}/exec-remove POST

  • /packages/{id}/exec-stage POST

  • /packages/{id}/exec-undeploy POST

  • /packages/{id}/exec-verify POST

  • For receiving asynchronous responses on a queue URL, see the following links:

  • Asynchronous API Usage.

  • For more information about job scheduling, see the following links:

  • Job Scheduling.

  • Data Notification

    The following APIs support data notification:

  • /packages POST

  • /packages/{id} PUT

  • /packages/{id} DELETE