REST Resources

/api/space/device-management/devices/{device-id}/configurations/raw (v1)

The following operations are supported on this resource:

  • GET - GET raw configuration of device
GET /devices/{device-id}/configurations/raw
Version 1

This API is used to access raw configuration content of a device without expanding configuration groups.

Fields selection:

A particular section of the configuration can be fetched using the 'fields' criteria. For example


These fields should be nested properly to get the required configuration content. For example, the 'fields' selection passed as fields=(version) will fetch only version information. (See the sample output below.)


Sample Usage

GET /devices/{device-id}/configurations/raw

  • Parameters:
    NameTypeURI TypeDescriptionRequired
    device-idIntegerPathID of the device whose raw configuration content will be accessed. Y
  • Sample Output XML:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
       <configuration><version>10.0R2.10</version></ configuration>
       <method href= "/api/space/device-management/devices/229377/configurations/raw/match-content" rel="match device configuration"/>

  • Sample Output JSON:

       "configuration": "10.0R2.10",
          "@href": "/api/space/device-management/devices/229377/configurations/raw/match-content",
          "@rel":"match device configuration"

  • Access Control

    The following capabilities are required to access this API: DeviceConfiguration

      For the current version of this API, refer to :
    • version 3